Operating System

Compare hard real time system and soft real time system ?

Hard real-time systems have absolute deadlines, while soft real-time systems continue to function even if they miss a deadline. 

Here are some more differences between hard and soft real-time systems:

  • Deadlines
  • Hard real-time systems have strict deadlines, while soft real-time systems don’t require completing every task by its deadline.

  • System failure
  • If a hard real-time system misses a deadline, the system will fail. Soft real-time systems continue to function, but the quality of output may be lower.

  • Response time
  • Hard real-time systems provide predictable responses within tens of milliseconds or less. Soft real-time systems operate within a few hundred milliseconds.

  • Examples
  • Some examples of hard real-time systems include nuclear reactor control systems, anti-missile systems, and chemical plant control. Some examples of soft real-time systems include personal computers, audio and video systems, and DVD players.

  • File size
  • Soft real-time systems typically have larger file sizes than hard real-time systems. 

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