Operating System

 Explain the function of operating system ?

An operating system (OS) is the software that runs on a computer and acts as an interface between the computer’s hardware and the user. The OS manages the computer’s memory, processes, hardware, and software. It also allows the user to communicate with the computer without needing to know the computer’s language. 

The OS’s primary functions include:

  • Process management

This includes starting and stopping programs, allocating resources, and managing memory usage.

  • Memory management

This keeps track of the status of each memory location, either allocated or free.

  • File systems management

This allows users to create new files, and modify and delete existing files.

  • Device management

This controls and coordinates the use of hardware devices by processes and programs. This includes detecting, installing, configuring, updating, and removing device drivers.

  • Security and privacy

This includes monitoring the execution of user programs to prevent errors. 

Other features of the OS include:

  • Providing a platform for running applications
  • Handling CPU scheduling
  • Providing file system abstraction
  • Providing networking support
  • Providing user interface
  • Providing utilities and system services
  • Supporting application development

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