Computer Architecture

Explain the types of computers?

Computer Types 

Computer is a fast electronic calculating machine which accepts digital input, processes it according to the internally stored instructions (Programs) and produces the result on the output device. The internal operation of the computer can be as depicted in the figure below:

Fetch, Decode and Execute steps in a Computer System

The computers can be classified into various categories as given below:


  •       Micro Computer
  •       Laptop Computer
  •       Work Station
  •       Supercomputer
  •       Main Frame
  •       Hand Held
  •       Multi core


Micro Computer: A personal computer designed to meet the computer needs  of  an  individual. Provides access to a wide variety of computing applications, such as word processing, photo editing, e-mail, and internet.

Laptop Computer: A portable, compact computer that can run on power supply or a battery unit. All components are integrated as one compact unit. It is generally more expensive than a comparable desktop. It is also called a Notebook.

Work Station: Powerful desktop computer designed for specialized tasks. Generally used for tasks that requires a lot of processing speed. Can also be an ordinary personal computer attached to a LAN (local area network).

Supercomputer: A computer that is considered to be the fastest in the world. Used to execute  tasks that would take lot of time for other computers. For Ex: Modeling weather systems, genome sequence, etc

Main Frame: Large expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users. Used to store, manage, and process large amounts of data that need to be reliable, secure, and centralized.

Hand Held: It is also called a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). A computer that fits into a pocket, runs on batteries, and is used while holding the unit in your hand. Typically used as an appointment book, address book, calculator and notepad.

Multi Core: Have Multiple Cores – parallel computing platforms. Many Cores or computing elements in a single chip. Typical Examples: Sony Play station, Core 2 Duo, i3, i7 etc. 

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