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write the short note on stored program organization?

The simplest way to or anize a computer is to have a processor register and an instruction code format with two parts. The first part specifies the operation to be performed and the second specifies an address. The memory address tells the control where to find an operand in memory. This operand is read from memory and used as the data to be operated on together with the data stored in the processor register.

Stored Program Organization

shows this type of organization. Instructions are stored in one section of memory and data in another. For a memory unit with 4096 words we need 12 bits to specify an address since 212 4096. If we store each instruction code in one 16-bit memory word, we have available four bits for the operation code to specify one out of 16 possible operations and 12 bits. to specify the address of an operand. The control reads a 16-bit instruction from the program portion of memory. It uses the 12-bit address part of the instruction to read a 16-bit operand from the data portion of memory. It then executes the operation specified by the operation code. Computers that a single-processor register usually assign to it the name accumulator and label it AC. The operation is performed with the memory operand and the content of AC.

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